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Monday, October 20, 2008

.: pizza treat!! :.

Illegal immigrants in Malaysia have made a population of 2 millions. Those immigrants came from the poorer neighbour countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. Illegal immigrants are a burden to our society. There are three reasons why illegal immigrants choose Malaysia.

The first reason is lots of jobs opportunity in Malaysia. We can see illegal immigrants work freely in labour field. Malaysian citizens are too choosy. They will avoid hazardous works and magically the illegal immigrants work safely there. Nowadays, the bosses prefer illegal immigrants because they are said to be hardworking and they are not demanding .The salary paid are cheaper than the salary for the locals.

The second reason is financial condition in Malaysia is more stable than their own country. Malaysia’s currency is higher than their country’s currency. The salary paid to them is considered big when they convert it into their currency. The salary paid is higher than the salary they will get for the same job in their country. The illegal immigrants also choose to work here because the work environments are safer.

The third reason is it is easy to leave and enter Malaysia. They just need to pay RM450 to enter or cross into our country. Based on Kosmo! Reporter who acted as an Indonesian and managed to leave and enter this country easily, the journey is arranged by a middleman known as a tekong. The tekong will make all the necessity arrangements such as the boat, number of immigrants and the time. On the way to Indonesia, the boat was stopped by the authority twice but there were no checks made by them. The reporter arrived in Indonesia and managed to enter this country back. The Deputy Prime Minister said that our coastline is too long to block them from entering this country and it is impossible for the responsible parties to guide the coastline all the way. The locals also sometimes hide the immigrants and get paid from the tekong.

The illegal immigrants should not be here. The crimes rate increases and the locals left jobless. But the jobs opportunity, the financial conditions and the easiness to enter this country keep calling the illegal immigrants to come to Malaysia. The responsible parties should work together to settle this problem.

jiwa-jiwa yang dapat betulkan kesalahan aku
aku belanja pizza
aku serius ni
tak bergurau.


Jarri said...

aku nak pizza

hadio69 said...

ksalahn kak ialah stress sgt kot
so kurgkn stress dgn mndngar lgu & mbaca
dpt x pizza ni hahaha

nme sy ct said...

en jarri,
tp kne btulkan dlu

en hadio,
btul kot
kot la
kot je