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Thursday, September 11, 2008

.: GENG: the adventure begins 2008 :.

*amaran: post kali ini sedikit panjang dan akan membosankan pembaca bukan-peminat-animasi*

korang pelajar multimedia?
minat dengan multimedia?
nak jadi sebahagian dari produksi multimedia?
sebelum tu,
kenal upin&ipin?
pernah dengar les' copaque(sebut: le.ko.pak)production?
tak pernah?
jangan jawab ya untuk 3 soklan pertama
malu beb,

bagi yang pernah dengar dan tahu,

untuk menambahkan keterujaan korang
sila tengok video ni


Length : 90 Minutes
Genre: Action & Adventure
Animation Technique : Key Frame
Format : HD 1080
Language : Malay
Expected Release : End of 2008
Budget : RM 4 Million

Project Commenced : January 2006
Expected Completion : August 2008

Musical Score : Yuri Wong The Factory Music Studio

Post Production : Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd.

Film Processing : Oriental Post, Bangkok

Story and Screenplay : Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd.

Voice Actors : Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd.

Distributor : Grand Brilliance SB

Directed By : Mohd Nizam Abdul Razak

Produced By : Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd.


Two teenagers from the city pay homage to their grandfather in the village to experience the durian season and kampung life. At the village they meet Upin and Ipin—the famous twins from the tv mini-series "Upin & Ipin"—and their friends.

Together with their friends, they unravel the mystery of disappearing durians which has been haunting the village. Besides the mystery, the movie also promotes Malaysian culture with various races living in harmony through good and bad times. An element of fantasy has been introduced into the storyline to make it interesting and allows the movie to be developed into a sequel. It is an action adventure movie, with a feel-good storyline suitable for all ages and the whole family.

The movie is fully supported by the Malaysian Government through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The movie received a RM 1 million grant from the e-content fund and MIMOS is providing rendering facilities through their Knowledge Grid.


dan juga ini

Animated Series: 5 Minutes x 6 Episodes

Format: TV Projection

Language: Malay (English Subtitles)

Completed: August 2007

Released: September 2007
Musical Score: Wong Yu Ri
Post Production: Les’ Copaque Production SB
Story and Screenplay: Les’ Copaque Production SB
Voice Actors: Les’ Copaque Production SB
Broadcaster: Channel 9
Director: Mohd. Nizam Abd. Razak
Produced by: Les’ Copaque Production SB


Upin & Ipin is an animation series about a pair of 5-year-old twins named Upin and Ipin who experience their first ever fast in the month of Ramadhan . It is told from their perspective in such a way that is simple, comical and hilarious. Their grandmother, Opah and elder sister, Ros, will give them advice and guidance as the story goes on. The good values will be easily understood by the children and will give a lasting impression upon them, as it is intertwined with the plot in a subtle manner. Although the series is tailored for release during the fasting month, they are also suitable to be shown all year round as it contains educational and moral values for children.


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